Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Loneliness is a sin

It seems people in the world can identify themselves as either lonely or happy. The prevailing view says loneliness is akin to unhappiness. However I want to consider the criteria by which we condemn the lonely and in turn ourselves. What is it about loneliness that makes us sad? I want to argue that these emotions of loneliness and unhappiness are not the same.

Feelings of loneliness are normally thought to stem from lack of companionship. I argue that it is not the pain of being single but rather the feelings of inadequacy that bring depression. Let us look at the characteristics of what we imagine as the ideal loner: someone unsocial, uninteresting, and unattractive. In truth we often forget these factors are relative. For example of course a person will seem uninteresting to someone who doesn't share her interests. The  inadequacy stems from mistaking these characteristics as absolutes. It comes from saying to oneself, "unsocial to all, uninteresting to anyone, and attractive to no one".

The next question is to see what task our inadequacy pertains to. I don't want to say the obvious answer: reproduction. Instead I think our intelligence allows us to set our own priorities. We prioritize our basal endeavours as they see fit to our lifestyle. In turn we have come to value the social and recreational aspect of sex more so than the procreational. Thus I think its more likely people feel inadequate because they feel their social status is threatened. They place great importance on the respect they receive from others.

For someone who values self-accomplishment over praise, loneliness is an empowering feeling of individuality.  It is the confidence in oneself to be able to accomplish the task at hand without a shoulder to lean on. Already images stem in our mind of someone successful perhaps in business or medicine but it can be anyone. Knowing this we have an obligation to put aside crippling feelings of inadequacy based on false absolutions and become individuals others come to rely on.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Universe ends

You may have noticed people say that the universe is cooling down. It is true, and it is the means to an end.

We all the know universe started with a big bang. A massive amount of energy that to this day supplies every chemical reaction. This includes the reactions that supply our power plants and the ones that maintain the human body. People often wonder if energy cannot be created or destroyed why then must the universe come to an end.

The answer lies in what form this energy is in. Take for example a seemingly infinite source of energy, the wind turbine. However with every spin it robs the wind of some of its energy. The wind gets its energy from massive geological currents ultimately powered by the Earth's gravity and rotation.

It was once thought the astronomical bodies were timeless and unchanging. This is untrue. The Earth's rotation decreases slightly every year, with each century becoming approximately 1.401 milliseconds longer. This has ammounted to a 18 hour increase in our day since the Earth was first born. Our planet's geological phenomenon including our wind and ocean currents rob the Earth of its rotational energy day by day.

This just one example of many. I for one am not giving up. Quantum physics has shown that the laws of nature aren't always intuitive. Maybe someone out there will reverse the cycle?

I will try to write something more personal soon. Bye.


Hi everyone. Welcome to my blog on the humanities. I have a large head full of ideas, and starting today I want to put them down on paper. I have a easier time selling my thoughts through pictures than words. So expect a lot of silly drawings. I am going to open up intricate issues we all think about. I am a bit of a science geek but I am also interested in ecnomy particularly our motivations.

In my time I have made a lot of experiences. I hope they will help me articulate my ideas on our emotions and the universe. With our lives so short, I think of this place as my last piece of writing. 

On a happier note. Expect more content soon. Byeee.